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the good and the bad news

The good news is that I will be participating in an art show in June. I have only been in one other art show, and it wasn’t that fun. But it’s been a few years, so I thought I might venture back that way again.

The bad news is that I sold all my good stuff when I moved the studio back to home. So I need to come up with a dozen decent paintings in buyable sizes in less than a month. It’s bad news only because I am kind of lazy about getting stuff like that done. So instead of working for several months on one big intense painting (titled something like rabbits in a cotton candy sky), I have to crank out a lot of smaller, less intense stuff.

Unless you’re coming to the art fair to buy something, then it was all totally intense and well thought out….

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facebook fun

Rabbit and Frog Leaping Over the Moon

Rabbit and Frog Leaping Over the Moon

I posted an “Art Pyramid Scam” on my facebook a few months ago. The first 5 people to respond would get a little something made by me in return for a little something made by them. They were suppose to post the scam to their facebooks, but alas most did not. I wasn’t suppose to follow thru with their prize unless they posted, but I am anyway. So far I have made two collages.

The first collage called Rabbit and Frog Leaping Over the Moon was made for a new friend recently acquired and very much admired. She mentioned it made her think of a baby nursery. That wasn’t my intention, but if that’s where it ends up hanging, I’d be honored.

The second collage called Prague Door Flowers was made for an old friend recently re-found and also very much admired. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of it, because I was so excited to send it all the way out to California for her. It’s basically several paper flowers with photos of various doors in Prague in the middle.

I enjoy doing this type of work. I use them mostly to get ideas for new paintings, but some times they turn out pretty good in and of themselves.

It might be interesting to note that the paper used for the frog belly is a map, representing perhaps the future ahead. The paper used for the rabbit belly and ears is of victorian type momentos, representing perhaps the past we leave behind. Who knew I had such depth….

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