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art fairs

I hate them.

I was going to start and end this post with that sentence. But since I placed 3rd in the juried Art On the Lawn at Rockford College this past Sunday, and since they are sending me a check for $500, I suppose I should say something nice.

So, we had good weather.

I think I must do art fairs (and not very often really) to remind myself that most of the world thinks my stuff is weird, odd or just plain sucky. Or even worse, the dreaded word “cute”. It’s just my way of keeping my ego in check I guess.

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more photos

DSC04899Thursday evening John and I braved bad weather and Chicago traffic to see a free taping of NPR’s quiz show Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me… at Millenium Park. Fearing rain, I didn’t take a camera, which was a total bummer because there were some really interesting photo opportunities. The fog had settled far down between the buildings.

Chicago is a beautiful city and when I am there I always find myself wondering why I don’t spend more time there. It’s probably the three hours of bad traffic that keeps us out. We live in a pretty spectacular area with 3 great cities (Madison, Chicago and Milwaukee) all within 1 to 2 hours of driving.

I took today off thinking (and rightly so) that I would be tired from the late drive back after the show. John also had the day off, Jack had a field trip for summer camp and Keegan had driver’s ed class in the morning. That left John and I with some alone time on our hands, which almost never happens during the daylight hours. We decided to take a nice long bike ride on the Roscoe/Rockford bike paths. This time I did take the camera. Of course most everything I took are pictures of flowers. Again.

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more comfortable behind the lens



A new camera was given to me by my husband for our 8th anniversary. A Sony Alpha 300 digital SLR and pretty sweet too. It’s been well over 9 years since I’ve held an SLR of my own in my greedy little hands. Everything looks photographable again (even if I just made that word up).

I started out in art school as a photography major. But I was too sensitive. Harsh words and competetive students drove me to tears and to painting, where the attitude was so much more inclusive and laid back. But photography will probably always be my first love in the art world, especially photo journalism.

My photography lies somewhere in between the staged senior portrait and the monk setting himself on fire. Much like my painting it’s the potential color combinations and patterns that interest me. I love using depth of field, which is something you can’t really achieve (at least not on purpose) with a point and shoot camera. So needless to say I have spent the past few days crouched down in the flower beds or wandering around the park looking for that perfect shot.

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IMG_0358Nope, I didn’t spell that wrong. My photo Atlanta Botanical Garden on Flickr has been flagged to be included in the next updated Schmap Atlanta Guide. Do I get paid for this? No, but it’s still cool.

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The husband gave the wife a new digital SLR for the anniversary this year. Time to load some new pictures onto flickr. Yippeeeeeee!

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