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photo number 3

Another late fall fabulous weekend.  I took the boys hiking at Rock Cut to see the new trail I found.  It has an abandoned picnic shelter.  Very cool.





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photo number 2

Day after Thanksgiving and the whole family has the day off.  Time for a little Cosmic Bowling at the Park Lanes.

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photo number 1

It’s Thanksgiving.  I’m relaxing at home with the boys while John makes the turkey dinner.  Here’s the first photo in my attempt to take a photo a day for the next year.  Jack and I were doing a little giant cupcake decorating this morning.

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just thinking

I’ve been thinking about starting a picture a day project.  Now that all the gardens are bare, I’m at a loss as to what to take pictures of with my awesome new camera.  I’ve seen other people attempt to take a picture a day for a year of themselves or of things happening in their lives.  So I know it’s been done to death, but I still want to try it myself.   Maybe I’ll make it my Thanksgiving resolution.  Since I never seem to keep my New Years ones.

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what a beautiful weekend

I am writing this post from the deck in the middle of November.  It’s sunny, warm and dry today.  It was the same yesterday.  I don’t think I can say anything more about this weekend than that.  Now off for a bike ride with the boys.

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inspiration in a box

On my last trip back home to Minneapolis I received a big box of wool, thrift-store sweaters.  It’s a box full of inspiration.  100 percent wool sweaters can be shrunk in the washer and dryer to make felt- an excellent material that does not unravel or fray.  Some of the best sweaters are lambswool, making them very soft, and come from places like Old Navy or The Limited.  The best colors come in little girls sweaters, which are unfortunately kind of small and become even smaller when shrunk.

I also happened to be wasting some time at the Salvation Army last week with the elder child and came across several excellent lambswool sweaters.  They were very colorful.  And just my luck the SA was having an everything for a dollar sale.  Score for me.

So I’ve been working on hats, scarves and finger puppets for x-mas presents.  All the new wool is a great inspiration.  Unfortunately it’s not a great inspiration to paint.  The basement is cold, and it’s much nicer to sew toasty warm wool gifts in the evening while watching 30Rock on the instant Netflix.  I don’t fully appreciate the cold.  Something I may have to work on this winter.

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i always see such cool stuff in the woods

A few days ago I took advantage of the lasting good weather and went to the park to do a short hike.  Rock Cut touts itself as the largest state park in Illinois, and they must be right, because I’ve been going there to hike for about 7 years now and just last week found a new section of the park.  It was very cool as it appeared to contain an abandoned entrance and camping/picnic area complete with stone shelter house.

While I was wandering around on the new (at least to me) paths I came upon a young buck.  I must have been down wind, because he didn’t notice me until I was right on him, like maybe 3 feet away.  And we both froze.  I was wondering if he could gore me with his one and half  little antlers.  I don’t know what he was wondering, but we both just stood there staring at each other for a minute or so, and then I asked him, very politely if he wouldn’t mind moving so that I could go past.  And he did.  He moved off the trail a little ways but was still watching me. I don’t know, maybe he was in love.

Then a few days later I was jogging on the local bike path called the Stone Bridge Path when I noticed some birds nests that were filled with milk weed thistle.  So I stopped to take a closer look.  I was thinking perhaps that birds fill the nests before they go south in order to keep them intact for the winter.  So I poked my finger around in one and encountered something warm and soft but solid and alive.  My first thought was that’s weird, I didn’t know birds hibernate.  But when I pushed back the milk weed it turned out to be three hibernating mice.  Cool.  Although you would think I would have know that with all the years I spent as a Ranger Rick Club member.

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