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valli produce246/365

valli produce246/365, originally uploaded by laurasjoquist.

I thought the middle of the hundreds dragged by, but it’s nothing compared to the two-hundreds. They are taking forever-or maybe I am just running out of new or interesting subjects to photograph.

Jack had a b-day party this morning over in Rockford, so John and I used the child-free time to visit Valli Produce. A spectacular store if you’re looking for cheap but good fruits, meats or vegetables or for obscure foreign items. Not so much on the regular day to day stuff.

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flying pig shaved ice 245/365

flying pig shaved ice 245/365, originally uploaded by laurasjoquist.

We biked over to the Flying Pig Shaved Ice stand in the grocery store parking lot and our flavor choices of Blue Raspberry, Cherry and Wedding Cake gave us an unexpectedly patriotic combination of treats.

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skatepark 244/365

skatepark 244/365, originally uploaded by laurasjoquist.

If you’re my age (you don’t have to admit it), then you’ll remember Vision Street Wear T-shirts and “Skate Boarding is not a crime” bumper stickers. If you’re Jack’s age (then you’re probably not reading this) you’ll remember skate parks. Custom made to keep you off the streets, off public and private property and off drugs.
Jack has a choice of three skate parks all within a reasonable distance from home. His favorite so far (we haven’t been to the one at the church) is in Beloit by the Snapper’s stadium. The big kids still make him a little nervous, but he’s serious about learning how to Ollie.

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peaches 243/365

peaches 243/365, originally uploaded by laurasjoquist.

We have pretty awesome neighbors. Not only do they let us swim in their pool to cool off, but they send us home with some of the best peaches I’ve ever had.

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Mississippi River 242/365

Mississippi River 242/365, originally uploaded by laurasjoquist.

We hiked a few of the trails at Mississippi Palisades State Park in Illinois and were rewarded with this awesome view of The Big Muddy showing the humans who’s really in charge. The River should really be on the other side of those trees according to people. But according to the River it can go where ever the heck it wants to go.

Do you want some Mississippi facts?
It’s about 2,350 miles long. It flows from Lake Itasca in Minnesota down to the Gulf of Mexico.

The state is named after the river and not the other way around.

Mississippi might mean Great River in the Ojibwe language(those are my people, so I’m going with this one). Or it might mean Father of Waters in the Algonquian-it’s apparently up for debate online.

Even though it touches only 10 states(no I can’t name them)the Watershed area of the Mississippi includes all or part of 31 states. So that anti-freeze you’re thinking about dumping in Montana or the fertilizer you’re laying down in Pennsylvania, it affects my river.

241 species of fish call the Mississippi home. And 40% of water birds/fowl in North America. rely on it as a migratory corridor. Also, over 18 million people get their drinking water from it.

Mark Twain loved The Mississippi.

My friends just got done paddling two days on the Mississippi in order to raise awareness and funds to help keep it clean and protected. Kind of wish I had donated a little extra now that I have all these facts. Maybe next time.

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campsite sky 241/365

campsite sky 241/365, originally uploaded by laurasjoquist.

Jack, Sarah and I decided to check out Mississippi Palisades State Park in Illinois while John was out of town for work. The park was empty and we scored a sweet camping spot, roasted some hotdogs and s’mores and enjoyed a couple chapters of Harry Potter.

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party favors 240/365

party favors 240/365, originally uploaded by laurasjoquist.

Payton is two! Yipeeee!

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snail 238/365

snail 238/365, originally uploaded by laurasjoquist.

Our bike ride in New Glarus was postponed due to weather. So we went up to the Mitchell Domes in Milwaukee. We haven’t been there since before Jack was born, although he insists that he remembers it.

There are three domes. Each one has a different theme garden in it. From the outside, it’s kind of a sad and neglected place, but inside the plants are well cared for and pretty. Jack really enjoyed the tropical dome where the photo of the snail was taken. It also had birds, turtles and a fish pond.

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new bike 237/365

new bike 237/365, originally uploaded by laurasjoquist.

Jack got his new bike with gears and hand brakes. Time to hit some serious bike trails and put some miles on those tires. So excited, can’t hardly wait.

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clover 235/365

clover 235/365, originally uploaded by laurasjoquist.

I bought this pink clover online to go with my white clover that comes in the regular lawn starter grass seed. People start their lawns with clover because of its ability to take nitrogen from the air and put it back in the soil. It’s natural fertilizer. Once people have an established lawn, they kill the clover because it is considered a weed. After they kill the clover, they then have to fertilize to get nitrogen back in the soil for their green lawn.

The perfect green lawn is an American obsession. But I like my clover.