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open skate 9/365

open skate 11/365, originally uploaded by laurasjoquist.

Jack and our neighbor Lexi waiting to enjoy some Sunday afternoon public skating at Carlson Arctic Ice Arena. The looks on their faces make it seem like I interrupted them in the middle of a date or something. Honestly, they’re just like BFFs.

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clone turbo tank 8/365

clone turbo tank 10/365, originally uploaded by laurasjoquist.

Spending Saturday morning assembling the Lego Star Wars Clone Turbo Tank. Jack used the words “very mechanical” while discussing the process.

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worm bin 7/365

worm bin 9/365, originally uploaded by laurasjoquist.

Our latest project is building a worm bin composter. We’ll have to order the worms online. Jack has decided to name them all George.

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making dinner 6/365

making dinner 8/365, originally uploaded by laurasjoquist.

Jack’s newest chore is to help make dinner on Thursday nights. He gets to plan the menu and then I help him with the technical stuff, like remembering to wear an oven mitt.

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foggy lake

DSC05144, originally uploaded by laurasjoquist.

This was also one that I had to edit digitally to get the blue filter off.

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nature makes art

DSC05123, originally uploaded by laurasjoquist.

There were just some things I couldn’t get the white balance on my camera to work on. I had to go into flickr and do some digital editing to get a nice clean close up of this piece of natural art. I guess I need to go back to woods and push more buttons on the camera.

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Rock Cut-Foggy Winter Hike

I had some errands to run, and it was warm enough to be foggy, so I stopped at Rock Cut State Park (of course) to take in a mid-winter hike in the woods.  I took the camera with because I thought it was time I finally learned how to use the white balance.  Rock Cut is easily my favorite place in Rockford, especially this time of year when I have it all to myself.

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reading 5/365

reading 6/365, originally uploaded by laurasjoquist.

Working on Jigsaw Jones for the local library winter reading program “exploring the genres”. This week is mysteries.
And yes, he actually does own other shirts.

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pre-hockey fill up 4/365

pre-hockey fill up 4/365, originally uploaded by laurasjoquist.

Jack started out his day at Jessica’s with the full breakfast spread before he played his first hockey game as a Squirt. They lost 3 to 1 and Jack got thrown in the penalty box for a (accidental) full body check. But hey, he played defense the whole game, and if you’re not in the penalty box, you’re not doing your job.

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saturday morning pajamas 3/365

lego master, originally uploaded by laurasjoquist.

It is 11:47 am and Jack is still in his pajamas building Star Wars Lego bases, clones vs. droids.

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