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Photos as Henry Vilas Zoo, Madison 56/100

Jack and I are heading out on a three (+) week road trip and he’s been trying to squeeze in friend time before we leave on Friday.  Today we took our neighbor(and probably Jack’s best friend,even though she’s girl and you would be hard pressed to get him to admit it) with us to the Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison, Wisconsin.  They have river otters and prairie dogs and 16 (they counted)poison dart frogs, so really, what more could you ask for on a Tuesday in June?

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Photos on the ice age trail 55/100

The Ice Age Hiking Trail is a 1.000 mile path that runs through Wisconsin mostly from east to west.  Occasionally we end up on part of it.  While we were out birding in Wisconsin we hiked a small portion of the trail near Lodi Marsh.  It was too hot for both us and the birds, so when we got to the top of the bluff we came back down and went for cold drinks instead.  We didn’t score any new birds, but did see cedar wax wings, a rose breasted gross beak, turkey vultures, orioles and some song sparrows again.

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Tuesdays with Dorie, Oasis Naan

For my second Tuesday with Dorie, I made Oasis Naan from the book Baking with Julie.  My experience with Naan up until now has been either from the only Indian restaurant in Rockford or frozen from the grocery store.  This recipe turned out like neither and was better than both.

The thing about baking bread, is that the  dough is  usually like  some kind of crazy super glue that should be used to glue together rocket ships destined for space or stones of impenetrable fortresses rather than eaten by humans.  I’ve ruined many a dish towel and/or apron with bread dough.  I didn’t do any better with this dough.  And I even cheated by kneading it in the stand mixer and not by hand.

Did my Naan turn out round?  No.  Did it turn out golden-brown like Julia”s.  Not really.  Was it awesomely tasty?  Heck yeah.  What did I serve it with?  Fresh fruit, Tabouli and Tarkari vegetables.

The local Indian place makes a naan with raspberry jam in it.  Since I had some jam handy, I made my last two naans with some baked into the middle.  They were incredible.