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tuesdays with dorie: a tragic story of semolina bread

on July 17, 2012

I realized today that it was Tuesday.  And that the Semolina Bread recipe for Tuesdays with Dorie was due.  I had bought the semolina flour to make the bread last week, but somehow spent the weekend canning hot peppers instead of baking bread.  So I got up bright and early and started the dough.  Working with “the sponge” was an interesting step I had never done with bread before.  I went to pay for my class at the college, since their computer system was overloaded with people like me paying on the last day, and let the sponge rise.  I added the rest of the ingredients and let it rise while I put together the new day bed for the office/guestroom that arrived in the mail today.  I shaped the loaf and let it rise again as I ran the child over for his dental appointment.  Everything was going perfectly, this could have been my bread opus.  And then I turned on the oven.  And.  It.  Never.  Got.  Hot.

We haven’t been using the oven, due to the oven like temperatures outside our door.  And, apparently, it’s broken.  Igniter, flamey lighty thingy went bad.  So I grilled the bread instead.

Say what?

I said I grilled the bread instead.  I scrapped it off the baking stone, wrapped it in aluminum foil, put it on the top rack of our gas grill, and it kind of, sort of, worked, maybe a little bit.  I’m not sure that it turned out like it was suppose to, but it wasn’t that bad. Except for the really hard bottom, that was pretty bad.   I served it with everything else I made on the grill-corn on the cob, red peppers and Amy Lu’s Tequila Lime Chicken sausage.  Amy Lu makes a mean chicken sausage.



7 responses to “tuesdays with dorie: a tragic story of semolina bread

  1. Good for you, I’m impressed you went ahead no matter the broken oven. It looks good! Cheers.

  2. I am so impressed that you pushed on…wow! And it looked like it turned out great! 🙂

  3. smarkies says:

    Wow! You really made the situation worked for you! Absolutely impressed – I would hve collapsed into puddle of disappointment if it had ever happened to me.

    • laurasjoquist says:

      The part for the oven is on order. I’ll be disappointed if I can’t get it fixed in time to make the next pie. I don’t think you can grill a pie.

  4. mydearbakes says:

    Loved this post! You made very very amazing bakes! =)

  5. Cathleen says:

    What perseverance! Looks like it turned out just fine. Hope your oven is fixed soon!

  6. Cher says:

    Hey – great thinking to use the grill. I made a pie on the grill this weekend. It was too darned hot to use the oven…
    Today, I was reading an article about baking wet dough breads in a crock pot. That might be my next trick to avoid the oven/
    I think your bread looks good!

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