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a few photos from a walk at harlem hills prairie

I may have a new favorite nature spot.  On Thursday the Master Naturalist class went to Harlem Hills Prairie for a little prairie ecology instruction in the rain.  Prairies are pretty awesome.  It’s too bad there are so few acres left.

John left early for Texas on Sunday morning and I didn’t have to pick Jack up from his friend’s house until 11:00.  I used my time wisely and went back to visit Harlem Hills Prairie for a walk (without the rain this time) and some photos.  It’s a gorgeous place, even in the fall, of rolling hills and abundant plants and birds.  It is a place that really fills my heart.  And I need that, to stay human.

I can’t wait to see it in the spring.  If I were a better Master Naturalist-in-training, I might remember all the names of these plants.


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fall photos at Klehm arboretum


Master Naturalist Class was at Klehm Arboretum in Rockford today.  Since it was a pleasant fall day, and since I haven’t posted photos in a while, and since I actually remembered to bring a camera, I took these photos after class.  I’ve probably taken a thousand photos of flowers and fall colors, so I decided to go black and white on these.  I miss real B&W photography.Image


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