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Photos of a childhood remembered kind-of-sort-of this way

Jack had a three day weekend at the beginning of November.  I used it as an opportunity to go see family (and friends) in Minneapolis.  While we were there we used the unseasonably balmy weather to take a walk in one of my favorite childhood parks, Bunker Hills Regional Park, near Blaine, Minnesota.

I haven’t been there since I was in my teen years.  If you put me down in the middle of the park now and ripped off my blind fold, I’d be totally lost.  Everything has changed.  So I spent the afternoon with my mom playing tour guide and pointing out to me where everything I loved used to be.  The sandy bottom pond is now a water park.  The swings I played Star Wars on with my cousin are now a terraced garden.  The camping ground with the suicide bike hill has been expanded.   She wasn’t sure what happened to the wetland observation deck, although the wetland is still there.  At least they kept the tank.  They moved it, but at least they kept it.  And it’s still full of garbage.

Later we did one of my other favorite childhood things, and built a club house in the brush pile in my mom’s backyard.  With the help of cousin Nik, of course.

The last few pictures are of my mom’s winter garden.


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Testing out my new Galaxy Tab. I should leave town more often.


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For Sale

It’s that time of every other year or so.  Time to clean out the basement and offer my fabulous, original works of art for deeply, deeply discounted prices.  Art makes great gifts.  Art makes walls look better.  This art will even make you feel better.  It’s the truth.

If you want to peruse the offerings, follow the link at the end of this post to my Etsy shop.  I will slowly be adding items, as I find them, over the next few days, so check back often. medias


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