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a painting for John

I have no job.  So if I buy John a present, I am just using his money to buy him a present.  It seems to me that he should go buy it himself, and get what he really wants, and not what I think he wants.  This year I decided to make him a present for Christmas.  We have never had a headboard for our bed.  We’ve talked about getting one for years, but haven’t ever found one we like (or can afford).  I am not a carpenter.  So making a headboard was not an option for me.  But I did have an extra, large frame collecting dust under the couch.  I had decorative paper and sheet music and craft paint in the basement.  And I made him this (to hang above the bed).


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A Few Photos of Christmas

I always feel a little bit like a hypocrite this time of year.  I have no real reason to be celebrating Christmas, and yet I do.  I keep telling myself that I do it for the kids, so they don’t feel alienated from their peers or left out, but I know deep down that’s not entirely true.  There are a lot of things I like about the Christmas season.  I adore the colorful holiday decorations, especially if they are made from paper or fabric.  I absolutely love the cookies, especially if they are frosted.  I enjoy a good meal and a glass of wine with friends and family, especially if it is followed by board games.  The music makes me happy, the memories make me smile.

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