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My 3-tray, hand-crafted worm bin arrived yesterday (vermiculture, woot woot!) in a box just begging to be upcycled.  When I unpacked it this morning, I left the empty box sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor, wondering if Jack was still of an age to be interested in an empty cardboard box.  It’s been awhile since we’ve had a box of any significance in the house, and I thought maybe at 10, he had outgrown the obvious attractions.  Does the child who snipes zombies online with friends, still have room in his heart for an empty box?

Imagine my joy then, when we came home from breakfast at Denny’s (pancakes, woot woot!) and the child asked “can I make something out of that box?”.  After some deliberation, it was agreed that it was the perfect size for a Sarah Dog house, and then we spent a wonderful couple of hours crafting the dog her own bungalow.  Now if we could just convince her to go inside it.


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When the weather turns cool (and by that I mean frigid), I like to cuddle up with a used sweater, purchased on dollar day from the thrift store and shrunken down to unwearable size in the washer and dryer, and hand stitch a nice animal or two.  I recently learned that an extra large sized men’s Abercrombie and Fitch 100% wool sweater can net me a panda bear, penguin, pig and very small teddy bear.  So far I have only put together the panda bear.  Which I will now list on Etsy…