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50 places to take your kids

My husband, who knows my great desire to get kids outside, showed me an article from Outside magazine, 50 great family adventures.   While I applaud their desire to get families out into nature, these over-the-top $20,000 “dream” vacations, are way out of reach for the average American family.  So, Jack and I got together and came up with our own 50 Great Family Adventures not far from our own back yard.  Most can be done in a day or a weekend.  All are located here in the Upper Midwest, which was (in my opinion) sorely underrepresented in the article.  True, we don’t have mountains or an ocean coast line, but there are still plenty of learning opportunities and places to make lasting memories here.

We will be posting our suggestions on Jack’s blog site.  Which I recently revived.  Follow the link.

Jack’s Penguin Slide


impossible photo request

The Sierra Club asked for a photo of my favorite public land.  Well, not just me personally,but everybody.  And I thought, just one photo?  Just one favorite place?  Impossible.  I’ve loved every tree in every park on every hike I’ve ever taken.  My heart is full.  Here are a few photos of the many favorite places that reside there.


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winter photos at Starved Rock State Park

A day off from school and perfectly brisk winter weather made it a good day to check out the ice falls at Starved Rock State Park near Utica, Illinois.  We’ve been here in the summer and fall before, but this was our first walk here in the winter.  I think we may have picked the perfect day for it, we spent a happy couple of hours on the trails, and added a brown headed cowbird to this year’s bird list.


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