Laurasjoquist's Blog

arts, crafts, photography, and joy

About the Artist

Laura Sjoquist grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  She attended The Minneapolis College of Art and Design and later the University of Minnesota.  While at the University she learned many things about parallel parking, waiting tables, installing windows, selling books, and drinking beer.  Eventually she graduated with a Bachelor degree in Studio Arts.

The many things the artist adores include Lonely Planet Guide Books, camping equipment, ski-ball, green tea ice cream and being right.  She also loves and finds a great deal of inspiration in the works of Paul Cezanne and the poetry of Walt Whitman.

Laura’s paintings focus on color and pattern.  The subject matter is often taken from literature, folklore or casual conversation.  The paintings as a whole are simple in composition, but contain great depth of detail in the texture and use of layered colors.

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